About DMY Creation

DMY CREATION SDN BHD is an upcoming and leading company in the film and entertainment industry in Malaysia with a reputable image.We strongly believe in upholding the standard and norms of Film and Entertainment Industry to the highest level possible. This is driven by our commitment and passion towards the Industry.

Our success story is not obtained only by our hardwork and prudent execution of strategies but core of our success is written by our valuable audiences and business affiliates whom always renders overwhelming support all these while. Currently, we are a major distributor of International Films, to be precise, Hindi, Tamil and others. Our client range from individuals to large corporations each varying from cable television providers, satellite broadcasters to Cinema audience.

The strength our organisation is none other then on our self driven, hardworking, excellent team with extensive knowledge, passion and background in entertainment industry, locally and Internationally. This has always been the core value at DMY CREATION. In no time, DMY CREATION is set to be well advancing with good reputation and recognition globally.

Dato Mohamed Yusoff - Founder & Chairman

DMY@Dato’ Mohamed Yusoff, an aspiring visionary young entrepreneur, is the Founder and Chairman of this esteemed reputable organisation. Our Chairman started his ventures in early years as a teenager. Almost all his ventures turned to be a success story, locally and Internationally. This is due to the vibrant thinking, innovative approach and hardwork in obtaining the best end result, as it always been his motto.Our Founder and Chairman, Dato’ Mohamed Yusoff is a vibrant and multi- talented entrepreneur. He is determined in bringing our organization to greater heights and with excellent strategies in the coming years.

Each and every venture he initiates is planned and pruned with utmost care. He is handy and takes every minute details into consideration before execution of the planning and strategies laid, for obtaining huge success rate in every venture. Our honourable Chairman’s new vision is venturing into a Multi-Million Dollar Cinema Industry. His mission in this new venture is to provide a healthy competition to current market players and to accomplish his vision of providing quality and state of art entertainment to the cinema audience.Given the current Film and entertainment industry scenarios, there is a huge potential and room for positive improvement to fulfil general cinema audiences’ expectations. His visionary and innovative approach will definitely bring a change to the Malaysian cinema landscape.